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triple threat

A person who is adept in three areas, as in She's a triple threat on the editorial staff-she can edit, write, and design pages. This term comes from football, where it signifies a player who is good at running, passing, and kicking. [c. 1920] Also see hat trick.
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1. n. a large alcoholic drink containing three measures of hard liquor. One triple, but no more. I’m cutting down, remember?
2. Go to triple-bagger.

triple whammy

(ˈtrɪplæ ˈʍæmi)
n. a powerful treatment; a powerful shock. The market crash, the trade figures, and the death of the secretary of defense was a powerful triple whammy in Washington politics this week.
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1. and triple n. a hit in baseball that gets the batter to third base. Wilbur connected for another triple-bagger in the fifth.
2. n. a person whose ugly face is so frightful that three bags are required to conceal it. (see also double-bagger, coyote-ugly.) He’s worse than a triple-bagger—if that’s possible.


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Emily Hughes fell on a triple loop, but she had several highlights, including a crisp triple lutz-double, toe-double loop combination.
Even more importantly, according to Moniz, the wheeled Fuchs platform has brought down maintenance costs dramatically versus the tread maintenance costs that Triple M had been accustomed to.
This new formation would not come without difficulties and the finer points of the triple option would need working on before the next football season.
While the $10 million value of the triple nets will be part of the value of his estate for estate tax purposes, the passage by descent is not a disposition subject to gains tax.
We are excited to help Etex deploy their Triple Play network," said Russ Sharer, vice president of marketing for Occam.
Our problem last year was this: How could we fit the triple option into our system by the first game?
Ixia offers wireless operators and system vendors an integrated, platform for emulating all Triple Play subscriber and infrastructure elements.
In the old days, when there were 11 Triple Crown sweeps between 1919 and 1978, things were different.
Triple Point Technology is the leader in trading, risk management, scheduling and logistics solutions for commodities including power, oil, gas, coal, metals, agricultural products and freight.
Racing fans hoped just as hard - but with less justified optimism - that Silver Charm, Real Quiet, Charismatic, War Emblem and Funny Cide would complete Triple Crown sweeps in the past seven years.
Triple Point Commodity XL[TM] is the only true next-generation solution built specifically from the ground up for high-volume, complex transaction management organizations.
Telecommunication and cable companies are likely to compete aggressively to offer triple play services, and this is anticipated to drive VoIP test equipment and solution vendors to provide IPTV test capability within the same box.
Jorge Piedra (Notre Dame of Sherman Oaks) had an RBI triple and scored a run for Double-A Tulsa (Okla.
Regarding thoroughbred racing's desperate need for a Triple Crown winner to revive older fans' memories of the 1970s, to give younger fans a hero and to fill the grandstands: