trim with

trim something with something

to decorate something with something. She trimmed the dress with lace. Bobby and Timmy trimmed the tree with colorful ornaments.
See also: trim
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The new Malibu will be offered in the following trims: LS (1LS trim), LT (1LT trim), LT (2LT trim), Eco (1SA trim), Eco (2SA trim), LT (3LT trim with turbo), LTZ (1LZ trim), LTZ (2LZ trim with turbo).
Model LSZ 150/100 pulls in edge trim with four toothed rolls machined out of solid steel that exert up to 1300 Nm of torque.
AZEK Trim, the only trim with an ICC code listing (ESR-1074), is also the only code-listed trim acceptable for use in ground contact applications.
We provided the formulation staff at Z Trim with our comments and suggestions and they worked to create a product we were happy with.
ABS, the most common material in molded-look pressure forming, is tricky to trim with precision because of its high thermal-expansion coefficient.