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The new Carbon Trim Cardholder will begin to ship by mid-November, and people who order the product now do not have to put down a deposit or payment.
One thing I think is of particular interest to owners of low-deadrise (shallow vee) bayboats, skiffs and bassboats: Active Trim senses when you're making a turn, automatically trimming the engine down some to minimize prop blowout.
Lynda Carroll, Director of Product Development, Z Trim Holdings Inc.
Influences of age at final beak trim on the productive performance of commercial layers.
Q Trim is a full in-house trim shop focused on the development of trim for high quality products.
Mr Cleaver spent 39 years working for Jaguar at Browns Lane as trim manager at a time when all the trim was done on site.
The competitive testing, which subjected trim materials to six cycles of temperature and water soaking to replicate actual environmental conditions, was designed to evaluate the ability of exterior trim to withstand long-term, repeated exposure to water and other elements.
According to the dealership's research, the 2016 Jeep Cherokee offers drivers a choice between four separate trim levels: the Sport, North, Limited and Trailhawk.
Trim tabs, which are installed on many saltwater fishing boats, can help you to fine tune your running attitude by creating lift at the stern, allowing the boat to run higher and reducing its foot print.
long; sprocketless, high-strength chain rails; servo controlled trim.
The trim process is clamp and cut ensuring no damage to trimmed pieces.
The application of chemically crosslinked PO sheet foams to door trim applications (to compete with poured PU foams, PU sheet foam and radiation crosslinked PO foams):
discovered a solution to rotting wood trim and insect infestation on a condo project, he stuck with it for his next condo job.