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an itchy trigger finger

1. An inclination or readiness to shoot a gun (especially at someone) without needing much or any provocation or justification. I wouldn't stay too long around here—there are a lot of people with itchy trigger fingers in this part of town.
2. By extension, an inclination, readiness, or tendency to act or react carelessly, rashly, or without due consideration. John's itchy trigger finger is going to get him into trouble with his boss someday. When you're working in a restaurant, it's important not to have an itchy trigger finger when customers come to you with complaints.
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pull the trigger (on something)

To make a final decision or commit to a certain course of action (about something). Jeff's been hemming and hawing about which car to buy—I wish he would just pull the trigger already! If we don't pull the trigger on this deal then we might never get the chance again.
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quick on the trigger

 and quick on the draw 
1. Lit. quick to draw a gun and shoot. Some of the old cowboys were known to be quick on the trigger. Wyatt Earp was particularly quick on the draw.
2. Fig. quick to respond to anything. John gets the right answer before anyone else. He's really quick on the trigger. Sally will probably win the quiz game. She's really quick on the draw.
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trigger someone off

to cause someone to become angry. (Fig. on trigger something off.) Your rude comments triggered her off. Your comments triggered off Bob's temper.
See also: off, trigger

trigger something off

to set something off, such as an explosion. We were afraid that the sparks from the engine would trigger an explosion off. The sparks triggered off an explosion.
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quick on the draw

able to react quickly to a situation He was quick on the draw answering the reporter's questions.
Usage notes: sometimes said about a person who reacts too quickly to a situation and makes serious mistakes
Etymology: based on the literal meaning of quick on the draw (able to take out and shoot a gun quickly)
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someone who is trigger-happy uses their gun too often and without thinking carefully The book's main character is a trigger-happy New York detective.

quick on the draw

Also, quick on the trigger. Rapid in acting or reacting, as in You have to be quick on the draw if you want to find low-rent housing here, or Bruce was quick on the trigger when it came to answering questions. The first expression came from the American West's gunslingers and was broadened to mean "a quick reaction" in the first half of the 1900s. The variant originated about 1800.
See also: draw, on, quick

trigger happy

Inclined to act violently at the slightest provocation, as in They feared that the President was trigger happy and would send in troops at the drop of a hat . This expression alludes to being too eager to fire a gun. [c. 1940]
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1. n. a hired gunman. (Underworld.) Get your triggers outa here—then we can talk.
2. tv. to start something; to set something off. The noise triggered an avalanche.


mod. eager to fire a gun; eager to shoot someone or something. Rocko is sort of trigger-happy. Watch out.
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For a DI to trigger the AHYDO provisions, the following conditions must be met: (1) the issuer must be a corporation for Federal tax purposes (but not an S corporation) (Sec.
ILWs are often designed to reinstate, so if an event triggers the policy, a client will pay another premium to reinstate the cover two or even three more times.
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When any of these triggers occur, the mill assigns the problem to an "owner," with the first RCPE report due within 96 hours.
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