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a trifle

A little. I'm feeling a trifle hungry, but I don't want a big, heavy meal right now.
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mere trifle

Fig. a tiny bit; a small, unimportant matter; a small amount of money. But this isn't expensive! It costs a mere trifle!
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trifle something away (on someone or something)

to waste something, such as money, on someone or something, little by little. Don't trifle all your money away on your friends. Don't trifle away any more money on silly purchases.
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trifle with someone or something

to act without seriousness or respect toward someone or something. Don't talk that way to me! I am not to be trifled with. I wish that Ann wouldn't trifle with our efforts at reform.
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trifle with

To play or toy with someone or something: Don't trifle with my affections. My strict boss is not someone to be trifled with.
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a trifle

A little; somewhat: a trifle stingy.
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Or again, "In trifles earnest as any man can bee,/ In earnest matters no such trifler as hee" (Puttenham 208-09).
A similar work entitled The Trifler began appearing at Westminster in May 1788.
Amen did his general psychiatric training at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC and his child and adolescent psychiatry training at Trifler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.
This audience was thought to be most easily reached through the novel because, as George Walker notes, 'a Novel may gain attention, when arguments of the soundest sense and most perfect eloquence, shall fail to arrest the feet of the Trifler, from the specious paths of the new Philosophy' (The Vagabond, p.
She notes that, under the influence of conduct books, women have "accustomed themselves to consider intellectual occupation as a merely selfish amusement, which it is their 'duty' to give up for every trifler more selfish than themselves" (212).
RELAX in stylish Triflers restaurant with two for one on Sunday Lunch.
Though this account makes it sound as if Henry's minions were triflers, the concern voiced here proves their political importance.