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trickle away

[for a liquid] to seep or dribble away. All the water trickled away down the drain. After the last of the spilled milk had trickled away, Timmy began to cry.
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trickle down

 (to someone or something)
1. Lit. [for a liquid] to seep or dribble downward to reach someone or something. The water trickled down the wall to the floor. It trickled down very slowly.
2. Fig. [for something] to be distributed to someone or something in little bits at a time. The results of the improved economy trickled down to people at lower-income levels. Information about what happened finally trickled down to me.
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trickle in

 (to something)
1. Lit. [for a liquid] to seep or dribble into something or a place. Some of the rainwater trickled into my car through a leak. It trickled in during the night.
2. Fig. [for someone or something] to come into something or a place, a few at a time. The audience trickled into the hall little by little. They trickled in over a period of an hour or more.
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trickle out

 (of something)
1. Lit. [for a liquid] to leak or dribble out of something or a place. The oil trickled out of the engine little by little. It trickled out and made a puddle on the floor.
2. Fig. [for someone or something] to go out of something or a place, a few at a time. The dissatisfied members of the audience trickled out of the theater three and four at a time. They trickled out as the evening wore on.
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trickle through

1. Lit. [for a liquid] to seep through something. The water trickled through the cracked windowpane. They taped the glass, but the water trickled through anyway.
2. Fig. [for someone or something] to move through something little by little. The people trickled through the door into the store in far smaller numbers than we had expected. They trickled through very slowly.
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trickle down

To diffuse downward through some hierarchical structure: The sociology professor believed that money rarely trickles down from the owners of capital to the workers who toil in the factories.
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References in classic literature ?
At the end of half an hour the man was aware of a warm trickle in his throat.
The trills and trickles of song from the birds in the big tree above her seemed in perfect accord with her mood.
Captain Jim told his stories better, Gilbert was quicker in argument and repartee, Anne felt little gushes and trickles of fancy and imagination bubbling to her lips under the influence of Leslie's personality.
It can be argued that all post-war governments reduced the massive Second World War debt through the counter-intuitive Keynes economics (governments spend in a slump and save in the good times) but Margaret Thatcher and her heirs have ditched that system for the ultimately disastrous economics of austerity and "trickle down" economics, where you make the rich richer and hope money will trickle down to the poor.
The Northern Powerhouse is the biggest Tory con since Margaret Thatcher's "trickle down theory" speech when she promised folk in the North-east a share of the nation's riches using the example that if the rich got richer, their income and wealth would eventually trickle down the income scale.
Timber doors from the 1980s block and replace with powder coated thermally broken aluminium with low e double glazed units with trickle ventilators.
There has been a faith in a 'trickle down' process increasing the wealth of the poorer members of society but that depends on how big the trickle is.
But yesterday there was just a slow trickle of wannabes trying their luck.
Bake for 30 minutes, then remove from the oven and trickle the cream around the sides of the gratin.
RAY: Plus, the car has its own built-in trickle charger.
If the people at the top of the pile fill their glasses, they will let their wealth trickle down to those at the bottom.
Researchers have for many years attempted to harvest energy from our everyday movements to allow us to trickle charge electronic devices while we are walking without the need for expensive and cumbersome gadgets such as solar panels or hand-cranked chargers.
Banbury-based Glazpart recently launched a new range of plastic injection moulded trickle ventilators, which it says meet the needs of today's building designers, window fabricators and installers.
All it has produced is a trickle and we are tired of getting trickled on," Engel said.
For the first time for generations we see the trickle down of wealth from the top to the bottom has reversed direction.