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sing in tribulation

To succumb to torture and confess one's misdeeds. I know he stole chickens from my farm, and he'll tell you all about it, once he's singing in tribulation!
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trials and tribulations

Cliché problems and tests of one's courage or perseverance. I suppose I have the normal trials and tribulations for a person of my background, but some days are just a little too much for me. I promise not to tell you of the trials and tribulations of my day if you promise not to tell me yours!
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trials and tribulations

Tests of one's patience or endurance, as in She went through all the trials and tribulations of being admitted to law school only to find she couldn't afford to go . This redundant expression- trial and tribulation here both mean the same thing-is also used semi-humorously, as in Do you really want to hear about the trials and tribulations of my day at the office?
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ˌtrials and tribuˈlations

difficulties and troubles: The novel is about the trials and tribulations of adolescence.
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TRIAL AND TRIBULATION: Cape Tribulation, under Denis O'Regan in the Betfred Cheltenham Gold Cup, can land the Bowl at Aintree
Occasionally we read of Christians stockpiling emergency supplies for the Tribulation, hiding Bibles in caves around the Holy Land to convert the Jews who will be left after the Rapture, and giving money to radical Jewish groups to reconstruct the Temple (and presumably, destroy Islam's Temple Mount, which inconveniently stands in its way).
CEO Troy Lyndon says, "From purely a playability point of view, Tribulation Forces is well-balanced and competes directly with other modern-day real-time strategy games.
Cape Tribulation won the Argento Chase at Prestbury Park in January and was fifth to Bobs Worth in the Cheltenham Gold Cup.
But in the last half-furlong the 2010 Gold Cup winner's lack of a recent run started to tell, and as the petrol gauge ran empty another festival winner in Cape Tribulation seized the initiative under a never-say-die ride from Denis O'Regan.
You cannot imagine Cape Tribulation having a better chance than this all season.
The Bible comes to life where people are in a position to appreciate both the reality of tribulation, of trouble in the world, and the reality of a hope that transcends that tribulation and flourishes where people can be assured that they will hear from it, and that in hearing from it there will be a word that they can take seriously and be compelled by.
CAPE TRIBULATION, who completed a hurdles double at Cheltenham and Aintree last spring, showed he can do it over fences too with a smooth victory in the Rowland Meyrick Handicap Chase.
MALCOLM JEFFERSON'S Cheltenham and Aintree hero Cape Tribulation is due to make his seasonal reappearance in the John Smith's Hurdle at Wetherby two weeks today.
St Paul would have applauded such stoicism against tribulation, for in his Epistle to the Romans he says: 'Meet tribulation with triumphant fortitude.
More's two masterpieces are the Tower works, A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation and De Tristitia Christi (The Sadness of Christ).
But in the 1984 Nos Duraturi, set to Stravinsky's wondrous Symphony of Psalms, there's a sense of journey through tribulation that results in peace.
vvEnd ofe raf orO gden Sir Robert Ogden's manager Barry Simpson was on the grounds to oversee the sale of Tribulation, the owner's last jumper to go under the hammer, before heading to Sandown to watch Tales Of Grimm carry the famous maroon and pink checked silks in the Heron Stakes.
MALCOLM Jefferson's Cape Tribulation followed up his Cheltenham victory off top-weight in the Silver Cross Handicap Hurdle.
CAPE TRIBULATION (Malcolm Jefferson) THERE was much to like about Cape Tribulation's first start of the season when fifth to Dynaste in last week's Fixed Brush Hurdle event at Haydock.