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black triangle

1. An unidentified flying object (popularly known as a UFO) in the shape of a dark triangle, typically with points of light in each corner. I know you think I'm crazy, but every spring, I see those black triangles appearing over my corn fields at night!
2. In Nazi Germany, a badge assigned to concentration camp inmates considered "asocial" or mentally unfit for work. Her clinical depression, which was vilified by the Nazis, meant she had to wear a black triangle in the concentration camp.
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eternal triangle

A sexual encounter or relationship between three people. Although exciting at first, the eternal triangle caused their relationship to suffer and ultimately end.
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(the) eternal triangle

a sexual or emotional relationship involving two women and one man or two men and one woman. (*Typically, a couple [man and woman] and another man or woman.) Henry can't choose between his wife and his mistress. It's the eternal triangle. I'm surprised Jane doesn't get tired of the eternal triangle. She goes out with Peter at the weekend and Jim during the week.
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eternal triangle

A relationship involving three lovers, such as two women involved with one man or two men with one woman. For example, The plot of the murder mystery revolved around the eternal triangle of a husband, wife, and another woman . [c. 1900]
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eternal triangle

a relationship between three people, typically a couple and the lover of one of them, involving sexual rivalry.
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As I am proposing changes to the concept, my main emphasis is that the shape that depicts the Hierarchy of Needs, the triangle, must be altered.
7 shows how 2 can enter the triangle and set a screen for the screener (3).
The little circle, the little square, and the little triangle were having a great time.
Atkins has made a living on the 3-pointer this season - he took 15 in one game against New Orleans - but has found those opportunities reduced in the triangle.
Triangle Equities was selected to develop the property as a result of a Request for Proposals issued by EDC on behalf of the City.
The illustration showed a curious tiling of black and white triangles with curved sides.
Through the merger, Triangle Bank will acquire new offices in Cary, Morehead City, Pinetops, Raleigh, Wilson and Warrenton, and three new offices in Rocky Mount.
Talecris and fellow "Fast 50" companies are profiled in an in-depth special Fast 50 Awards section in the November 3rd issue of the Triangle Business Journal.
The complex system, which begins with the formation of a triangle by three players on the strong side of the offense, is noted for its flexibility, helpful spacing, ball movement and, of course, its egalitarian bent.
Allying with MetaPartners is certain to provide a two-way stream of business into and out of the Research Triangle area," Ledbetter noted.
Lee, Chief Financial Officer, Triangle Bancorp, 919-881-0455/
I have one pattern in which the two equal legs of the triangle miss the base's length by less than 0.
Geomagic is located in the Triangle area, consistently voted one of the best places to do business in the United States.
In response to the significant decline in the market price of most publicly traded securities, including Triangle stock, in late August 1998, United and Triangle amended the merger agreement to fix the exchange rate at 1.
Here's how it worked Saturday, particularly in the early going as Utah pulled out to a 10-point halftime lead: Doleac and forward Hanno Mottola took up positions at both sides of the key and guard Andre Miller lined up ahead of them, forming the point of the triangle.