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buck the trend

To develop in an unexpected, surprising, or unforeseen way, especially in a way that contradicts recent history. Typically used in reference to financial matters. Although property values in our city are down overall, one neighborhood is bucking the trend and still getting fair market value.
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trend toward something

to move gradually toward something. Fashions are trending toward the gaudy and flamboyant. Attitudes are trending toward the more conservative.
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Key Trend 8: Beauty from within - a marketing trend with many angles and wrinkles
Key Trend 9: The marketing power of "naturally healthy"
Key Trend 10: Functional foods and health - who really gets the benefits?
Figure 2: Breakdown of Technology Trends sample by vertical market
The multicast format allows Motor Trend TV to offer broad reach and brings unprecedented opportunity for local broadcasters to tap unrealized revenue sources by maximizing the value of their excess digital spectrum.
Motor Trend Network is not just coming to TV; it's coming to TV though the fresh concept of multicasting.
The network plans to air select theatrical movies as part of "Motor Trend Drive-In" and will acquire a library of syndicated automotive television programming.
Trend 9: Asia for inspiration and health leadership.
Trend 10: The kids' nutrition crisis will be on all company agendas.
Case Study 13: Healthy ready meals for busy parents - a global trend
The Trend Micro(TM) Premium Support Program (PSP) offers proactive, personalized services combining fast response times with antivirus, technical, and computer security expertise, to quickly address issues and deliver antivirus and product knowledge at every service level.
Trend Micro is a leader in network antivirus and Internet content security and services.
Chang noted that the Internet gateway connects the enterprise to the Internet and that Trend Micro plans to fully leverage this strategic positioning.
Chang said that based on Trend Micro's triple-digit growth in the US and Europe, InterScan should keep gaining market share, and may reach the 75% level in the next 18 months.