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The music initially was chill-out lounge music, which surprised our expectations of progressive house or the trendier tech house tunes.
WITH walking and rambling becoming ever trendier, and likely to get increasingly so as the economic strait-jacket squeezes tighter, arguments about open access to land are largely old-hat in Wales.
The trendier sunnies are specifically meant for Golfers as the collection promises fashion, comfort and ideal design for engaging in golfing.
He explained that the Pier 57 plan follows the cultural moves cultivated in some of Manhattan's trendier neighborhoods.
The travel mood is still very much in the picture, taking on a clearer and trendier slant that directly intersects the concept of freedom.
Ray Jones, marketing director at short-break specialists Super break says those who holiday at home this summer could be trendier than they think.
Conscious of the fairly sizeable generation gap between him and his trendier younger hosts, Bazza admitted he might not be as cutting edge as their audience were used to and, moreover, that he was going a bit deaf in his dotage.
The author's aim is to give readers 'a fresh look at his many-faceted career' and to remind readers that Moore was a leading figure in the Romantic movement, a star attraction in the trendier salons of the Whig intelligentsia of his day, and a biographer of Sheridan and Byron.
The advert for H&M shops shows the star wielding a riding crop in front of a woman who is stripped by two men and put into trendier clothes.
The transfer of wealth and ideas was not a one-way passage, however much the trendier historians might suggest it was.
In the mid-'90s, Tiger relaunched the brand with younger, trendier, ready-made clothes and jeans for men and women 15-35 years old, and developed a high-profile, lifestyle-oriented advertising campaign that targeted new groups that had not seen the brand before.
M&S says the trendier look represents only a small proportion of their schoolwear range, which still includes traditional uniforms.