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trek across something

to hike or march across something. The scouts trekked across the fields of the small farming community. I don't look forward to trekking across the desert.
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trek to

some place to hike or march to some place. I have to trek all the way to the store because my car is in the shop. We trekked to the cabin and made that our base camp for the whole two weeks.
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He added: "The use of the Google Trekker has generated significant interest already as we travelled the length of the Wild Atlantic Way capturing beautiful scenery and our breathtaking coastline.
The Convaid Trekker is a lightweight, compact folding pediatric stroller that accommodates functional or rest positions and increased sitting tolerance for maximum comfort is typically prescribed for children with mild to moderate involvement of the following conditions: cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Duchene muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy, apina bifida, osteogenesis imperfecta, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord Injury, cystic fibrosis, mitochondrial disease, metabolic diseases, and sensory processing disorders, among others.
According to Nepal's tourism department, more than 550 trekkers had registered to hike in Langtang from mid-April onwards.
The three male trekkers (Table 1) were office workers with a regular physical exercise regimen, and all of them had experienced the same altitude (3776 m) one month earlier and visited another 1300m peak for training, 2 and 3 weeks earlier.
Over the coming weeks, Tourism Victoria will also take the Trekker to tourist attractions, national parks and trails right across the state.
The Trekker is designed to capture 360deg imagery in public locations like footpaths, bridges and parks that the cars and trikes used for the Street View facility cannot reach.
Google's Street View Trekker backpack is currently only available on loan to third-party organizations such as tourism boards, non-profits and higher-education groups.
Other trekkers include Bahrainis Hani Yousif, Dr Sawsan Karimi and Nora Al Nusuf, Britons Paul Henson, Steve Sutton, James Sutton, Doug Seholm, Luke Symonds, Mike Jackson and Jackie Jackson, Swede Jan Stenavad, Australian David Hill, South African Sandy Hayes and German Monique.
All tested functionalities were judged at a higher-thansatisfactory level with the exception of Trekker Breeze's "enter route" (5.
Others trekkers included X Factor presenter Dermot O'Leary, actresses Kara Tointon and Nadia Sawalha, impressionist Ronni Ancona and blind BBC host Peter White.
The Trekker Breeze is the easiest to use of all of them," Mr.
Patrick's Day saw the launch of the Golden Trekker program, a new scheme which will allow senior visitors to Ireland to avail of free rail travel across the country.
INTREPID trekker Ed Laughton is hoping to hit new heights - by scaling the world's tallest mountain.
Nick, Sadie, and Trekker were making the rounds at Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Medical Center on Monday morning delivering a brand of medicine no doctor can administer and no drug company can put in a bottle.