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trek across something

to hike or march across something. The scouts trekked across the fields of the small farming community. I don't look forward to trekking across the desert.
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trek to

some place to hike or march to some place. I have to trek all the way to the store because my car is in the shop. We trekked to the cabin and made that our base camp for the whole two weeks.
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Axanar uses the intellectual property of CBS, Star Trek rights holder, under the provision that Axanar is completely non-commercial.
The TDK Life on Record Trek platform was specifically developed to meet the demands of our consumer's increasingly mobile lifestyles," said Toshi Hokari, executive director, product management and marketing, Imation.
The last leg of the trek covers Tshoka-Phedang-Dzongri (8km) and is also the most arduous bit, given the high altitude, unrelenting weather, and ice.
William Blake Tyrrell's "Star Trek as Myth and Television as Mythmaker" (1977), focuses on how the television show, which he viewed as "consistent but often childish science fiction" (19), became a phenomenon capable of engaging and involving the viewer by harnessing myth narratives.
The TREK system is another example of Abbott delivering innovative technologies from its broad vascular pipeline," said Robert Hance, senior vice president, vascular, Abbott.
As a past president of the Boston Star Trek Association, Edward H.
In the Star Trek universe each species offers its uniqueness as a gift to the others and learns to cooperate, creating an infinite diversity in infinite combination.
I think when people watch Star Trek, they get a hopeful and positive feeling about the future," Stillwell says.
Among other things, there's a story of a tough, almost millennial faith that endures no matter how absurdly bad things may look: Even in its darkest decade of cancellation, when the only Star Trek remnant was a half-hour animated series that ran in 1973 and 1974, the fans would no more give up hope than Kirk would have surrendered the Enterprise to those space hippies.
There were parades down the main streets of Unity and Radisson while a young girl rode a mile on her unicycle in Borden and several members of the diocese joined the trek on their bicycles.
The trek trip was a fund-raiser for AmfAR's TREAT Asia program, an initiative to promote HIV prevention education, training, and research in Asia.
Throughout the arduous two-week trek to Advance Base Camp at 21,000 feet, where the north face of Mount Everest towered to the right and Lhakpa Ri rose to the left, each of the blind teenagers had a sighted escort who trekked in front, using guiding methods ranging from a bell to a trekking pole held backward for them to hold on to.
With a satellite dish mounted on top, the Trek Sat looms heavy in Smith's future automation vision.
She is a widely sought public speaker on the role the Star Trek series has played in inspiring new technologies, continues to sit on the board of governors for the National Space Society, and recently opened the Gene Roddenberry Center for Aerospace Medicine.
STAR Trek isn't just a TV series, it's currently an exhibition at the National Museum of Wales in Cathays Park and a film at the UGC cinema too