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get the royal treatment

To receive extravagant treatment or elaborate attention and care. At our spa, we make sure all our customers get the royal treatment. By signing up with us, your website will get the royal treatment from our team of professional web developers!
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give (someone) the royal treatment

To treat someone or something extravagantly; to give someone or something elaborate attention and care. At our spa, we give all of our customers the royal treatment. Give your website the royal treatment with one of our professional web development kits now!
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Band-Aid treatment

A method of covering up a problem, rather than solving it or getting to the root of it. Refers to the trademark for a brand of adhesive bandages. Honestly, I think this is just a Band-Aid treatment—we need to work harder and find a real solution.
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*red-carpet treatment

Fig. very special treatment; royal treatment. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I love to go to fancy stores where I get the red-carpet treatment. The queen expects to get the red-carpet treatment wherever she goes.
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give someone the silent treatment

If you give someone the silent treatment, you do not speak to them for a period of time because you are annoyed with them. He fully expected his mother to give him the silent treatment.
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the silent treatment

a stubborn refusal to talk to someone, especially after a recent argument or disagreement.
2000 Independent Since the complaint, Ms Thomas , who has worked for the City police since 1994 , claims she has been given the silent treatment.
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give somebody/get the ˈsilent treatment

refuse to talk to somebody, usually because you are angry with them; be treated in this way: Are you going to talk to me now, or are you still giving me the silent treatment?
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What he thought of the previous treatment I cannot say, but it struck me as curious that he put many more questions to myself and to Mrs.
point-of-use -- POU -- water treatment systems) or units treating all of the water entering the entire house (i.
Although the official seed treatment business unit was not formed until 1993 with the legacy company Ciba, Syngenta seed treatments have been on the market since 1979 when Concep[R] was introduced as the first sorghum seed safener from Ciba Geigy, the legacy company at the time.
As with most diseases, early treatment separates the well from the ill.
I see every day how many paper mills neglect water treatment and management generally minimizes any capital budget related to water to unrealistic levels which are totally unrelated to the savings and advantages possible," said Len Dewhurst, director of sales, Asia region, ALGAS Fluid Technology Systems AS, Moss, Norway.
The patient is our most important concern when developing and planning dental treatment.
Vasquez is one of thousands of Californians who have begun putting their lives back together after receiving treatment under Proposition 36.
To complicate matters, hepatitis C treatment policies differ in each state.
Bangsberg: The focus of our group is the relationship between poverty and treatment outcomes in HIV-infected people.
Therapeutic chelation treatment has been used for decades to treat childhood lead poisoning (for reviews, see Graziano 1986; Graziano et al.
Using matched data from paid Medicaid claims and the New Jersey HIV/AIDS registry, researchers identified women with HIV or AIDS who had given birth between 1992 and 1998, and investigated how their receipt of any antiretroviral regimen, substance abuse treatment (among those with a history of substance abuse), and obstetric and gynecologic care varied in the six months before and after delivery.
Researchers, themselves, debate about the potential of various treatment options (Lovaas, 1987).
There's no question it's a medical illness," he said, "and once you have it, it mandates treatment.
The work of Hansel and Rinkel has contributed to the generally successful methods of treatment employed for inhalants, molds, and many other allergens involved in diseases seen in our specialty.
For instance, he poses, if addiction is a disease with obvious physical origins, then why would one recommend as treatment a religious or spiritual program that encourages addicts to make a connection with God and revamp their moral lives?