tread the boards

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tread the boards

Act on the stage, as in Her main ambition was to tread the boards in a big city. This idiom uses boards in the sense of "a theatrical stage," a usage dating from the mid-1700s. It dates from the mid-1800s but was preceded by the idiom tread the stage, first recorded in 1691.
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tread (or walk) the boards

appear on stage as an actor. informal
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ˌtread the ˈboards

(humorous) be an actor: He has recently been treading the boards in a new play at the National.
The boards refers to the stage of a theatre.
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tread the boards

To act on the stage: "We who tread the boards are not the only players of parts in this world" (John Fowles).
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CHOSEN ONE Lara D'Arcy is set to tread the boards at the Youth Theatre of Great Britain in London.
Ralf Little - who plays Anthony Royle in the hit TV comedy - is to tread the boards on the London stage next month.
THE 11TH Hour Theatre Company have sent out an appeal for volunteers of all ages to tread the boards in their festive show later this year.
He wants to be the first performer to tread the boards and you can't be more first than this.
THEATRE buffs have been issued with a curtain call and are being invited to tread the boards in the direction of a Solihull village.
War veterans are being sought to tread the boards at a popular Tyneside Gang Show.
A STAGE-STRUCK dog is wanted to tread the boards in a children's theatre company production of the musical Annie.
She is the fifth generation of her family to tread the boards.
The American actor will tread the boards in the lead role in the new play Some Girls at London's Gielgud Theatre.
The opera company has never returned to the venue, now run by Durham City Council, but is set to tread the boards of the Gala again with a production of La Traviata on May 25, 27 and 28.
A WEST END star from Liverpool is heading home to tread the boards.