travel with

travel with someone

1. to associate with someone; to move about in association with someone. She travels with a sophisticated crowd. I am afraid that Walter is traveling with the wrong group of friends.
2. to make a journey with someone. Do you mind if I travel with you? Who are you going to travel with?
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travel with something

to have something with one as one travels. I always travel with extra money. I hate to travel with three suitcases. That is more than I can handle.
See also: travel
References in classic literature ?
He said to him, 'Will you be my servant and travel with me?
Why, then, depend upon it; mind what I say--depend upon it, they are certainly some of the rebel ladies, who, they say, travel with the young Chevalier; and have taken a roundabout way to escape the duke's army.
Never travel with a friend who deserts you at the approach of danger.
Yes, to travel with a courier is bliss, to travel without one is the reverse.
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