travel across

travel across something

to make a journey across something or some place. We have to travel across the desert to get there. I do not want to travel across that rickety bridge on the way back.
See also: across, travel
References in classic literature ?
She resolved, therefore, to travel across the country, for at least twenty or thirty miles, and then to take the direct road to London.
Indeed, that load was a heavy one per man with which to travel across the burning desert, for in such places every additional ounce tells.
We're excited to once again see CP's Holiday Train travel across the country in support of community food banks," says Katharine Schmidt, executive director, Food Banks Canada.
Passenger trains will travel across Danube Bridge 2 as early as December 2014, Bulgaria's deputy Transport Minister Anton Ginev announced.
For 40 days, the baton will travel across the country, taking in hundreds of the country's towns and villages as well as cities including Aberdeen, Dundee and Inverness.
After the success of the pilot, CCBPL has developed 7 mobile training fleets that will travel across the country.
Washington -- The US has asked India and Pakistan to take steps to end the exchange of fire and resume normal trade and travel across the Line of Control.
9 million people are booked to travel across British Airways' network of over 175 destinations during the New Year period from December 15 to January 7, a top official said.
The founders travel across the country on Harley Davidson motorbikes to support breast cancer survivors in poor areas and shanty towns.
Icy temperatures, and brutal snow and winds punished the upper Midwest, ruining travel across about half the United States as the storm.
They had worked and saved money to travel across the continents after graduating from high school.
COMMUTERS in Birmingham are set to get London-style pre-paid smart cards to make travel across the region easier.
3 : railroad 1 <They travel across Canada by rail.
The train will travel across the Northern network and will promote the Wall as its goes.
Heavy fog blanketed Beijing, Shanghai and other parts of north and east-central China for a second day on Tuesday, worsening air pollution in the capital and disrupting air and highway travel across the region.