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But the higher melt inventory and residence time of a hot-runner system increase the chances that the trapped air can end up as a bubble in the part.
Subsequent runs have led us to identify this systematic effect in our system as arising from marginally trapped neutrons.
A total of 550 animals were trapped during 25,092 trap nights for an overall trap success rate of 2.
Among the many furs hanging on the basement walls of Russell's home, there is the white fur of a wolf he trapped about a decade ago at the Timmins Airport.
A total number of 1,473 flies, 3,515 flies and 482 flies were trapped in HP, CeraTrap and Biolure respectively.
2 illustrates the "Read" stunt, with the ball being trapped in the deep corner on the tight side of the court.
More recently, researchers have trained lasers on eight trapped ions to tune the particles' quantum states in ways needed for computing.
Thus changing the current in the solenoid easily modifies the spectrum of trapped UCN.
When an HPS case was confirmed, small mammals were trapped in collaboration with the local health authorities at the patient's home or work sites and neighboring areas (Figure).
This new zeolite has a high capacity for hydrocarbons, which are trapped within its pores and channels.
Repeated measures analysis of variance found that the number of ACP adults trapped by trap type did not differ significantly (between traps--[F.
A one-tailed test was used because the new design only alters the potential for escape once trapped, and has no bearing on initial rate of capture; therefore, the new design should either retain the same amount of captives (no significant difference) or should retain more (significant difference).
The slow loss of neutrons that have stable orbits, but are not energetically trapped would produce a systematic uncertainty in the measurement.
Each herbivore entrapment probably triggered a feeding frenzy that resulted in up to a dozen predators being trapped as well, says Van Valkenburgh.
Many evenfront defenses can be trapped when they try to penetrate upfield.