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Each trap was baited with 2 pellets (5 g) of Torula Yeast with borax (ERA Intl.
An Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test was performed on the number of individuals captured per trap treatment per night to determine if differences existed among the three treatment types.
2008, 2010), including extensive trapping experiments, we know that trap capture in female-baited traps in some locations can be as high as 150 males per night (J.
Bait is set inside the trap and when the animal enters the door closes and locks behind them.
For pollen identification studies Nye (1959) constructed a trap that fit underneath the hive and had an opening on the side for removing the tray filled with pollen.
Footage showed the trap had captured three buzzards.
Sherman Trap Company, Tallahassee, Florida), one that previously had been soaked in a Lysol solution (hereafter called treated) and one that was new from the factory and had never been used (hereafter called control).
The Massachusetts Trapper Education Course covering skills, regulations and ethics is mandatory now for all new trappers, problem-animal control agents and anyone planning to use a Bailey or Hancock trap.
The workshop proved useful in that it showed trap proponents what a difficult time they would have gaining support.
Grashof's equation is often used to estimate the utility cost of a steam trap that has failed open.
The main gear used to catch octopus is the octopus trap (covo), a small metal framed trap with a single entrance on the top (Fig.
This paper describes and evaluates a novel design that develops the climbing-stick into a trap to allow continuous unattended sampling without the use of adhesive.
Consequently, interpretation of results for a particular trap type can only be made with some knowledge of the trap's performance relative to other trap types.
Most studies that use more than one type of trap obtain more accurate estimates of the species richness and abundance of the small mammal communities they sample (Woodman, et al.