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transpose something (from something) (to something)

 and transpose something (from something) (into something)
to change something, usually in music, from one musical key to another. Can you transpose this from F-sharp to a higher key? It would be easy to transpose it into a higher key.
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Top-Eye, the Transposing, Impregnably Permeating, Permeably Impregnating Sailor Man
I am not saying we should drag our feet but we should be less loyal about interpreting, enforcing and transposing that legislation into our domestic law.
Transposing the Black Book onto the web was a big undertaking for the National Library of Wales, said Lyn Lewis Dafis, Metadata Manager.
Robert La Fosse, a principal dancer with New York City Ballet, choreographed the work, effectively transposing essential Balanchineisms but investing the ballet with its own vitality.
Ferguson recognizes that the problems of transposing a literary work, especially of an earlier period - "mismatches of register, style, cultural associations, audience-reader assumptions and reactions" - are especially acute for the translator of Angelo Beolco (63).
Much of the budget was, sadly, absorbed by the imported kitchens and bathrooms satisfying the client's demands for fittings and finishes in most respects similar to those of midrange speculatively built housing in the UK, transposing the dubious tastes of Middle England to an alien environment.
The impact of regulatory developments is being felt now as incumbents with previously little or no competition are forced to allow competition; Slovenia's first interconnection agreement between the incumbent and an alternative operator was signed shortly after the telecommunications law transposing the European Union (EU) regulatory framework came into force.
The EU body said it has yet to be informed by the above countries of any measures for transposing the directive into their national legislation.
The Commission has addressed the issue of not fully transposing the Directives in the three countries by sending letters of formal notice in September 2011.
The Commission is also examining the situation in other Member States to which it has addressed reasoned opinions for not fully transposing the Electricity and Gas Directives.
He also said the pianist may benefit from singing or playing individual parts, especially when there are transposing parts or those that use transposing clefs.