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transpose something (from something) (to something)

 and transpose something (from something) (into something)
to change something, usually in music, from one musical key to another. Can you transpose this from F-sharp to a higher key? It would be easy to transpose it into a higher key.
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Users can download, share, create, and help grow the Transpose community.
Transpose is the simplest platform for structuring data, enabling users to leverage enterprise-level technology in a user-friendly format.
Thanks Transpose for putting this one on" said the Janiero frontman.
This method uses creative imagination to transpose the world of scripture to our situation today - as if the scripture passage is a personal letter from God addressed to each one of us (like Saint Augustine picking up Romans 13 and reading a message pointed directly at him).
In any case, with MIDI accompaniments it is very easy to transpose, change tempo or mute parts without any loss of audio quality.
The treatment's efficacy is questionable, and it is for this reason that eFoodSafety believes testing of its Citroxin product on the Influenza A virus could easily transpose test results to the Bird Flu virus and allow for a more rapid acceptance of product domestically.
The commission said yesterday that despite a formal notice, Cyprus has not sought help or taken any measures to transpose the directive into their legal framework.
The confusion results when students try to transpose other instruments, rendering them as they would sound at the piano.
The Commission sent a reasoned opinion against three member states who have failed to communicate the measures taken to transpose a Community directive on driving licences into national law.
After downloading music from the Internet, instrumentalists or vocalists can set up practice loops, change lyrics, transpose to suit their instrument or vocal range and use Musician as their accompanist.
It was truly dark humor to transpose the myth of the shepherd lad Paris, judging the goddesses Juno, Venus, and Minerva for the prize of the golden apple, from sunny Greece to a sleazy nightclub where three tired, over-age trollops vie for the favors and wallet of the lone drunken customer.
Semerdzhiev subsequently made clear that he had filed his resignation over the delayed preparation and adoption of secondary legislation related to the Third Energy Liberalization Package, which caused the European Commission to refer Bulgaria to the Court of Justice of the European Union for failing to fully transpose the EU internal energy market rules.
But the next time the Christmas-caroling impulse hits my family, all I'll have to do is find my favorite carols in MusicEase, transpose them for my dad, increase the font size for my mom, write in some alternative lyrics to entertain my brothers and certain neighbors, print and we're out the door.
With a Sibelius | Cloud Publishing-enabled site, publishers can allow their customers to view, play, transpose, print, and purchase scores using any current web browser or mobile device, including Android, iOS, and Linux.