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be in a transport of delight

To be extremely happy. I've been in a transport of delight ever since I got engaged—I just can't stop looking at my ring!
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transport someone or something (from some place) (to some place)

to move or convey someone or something from one place to another. In his car, he transported us from our home to the airport. Please see that this box gets transported from here to the loading dock.
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The transported goods as well the transport performance by water transport have registered a drop compared to the first quarter of 2013 a by 7 04.
Interim guidance: air medical transport for severe acute respiratory syndromes (SARS) patients [monograph on the Internet].
As long distance SAN over IP becomes a reality, enterprises will need the flexibility to transport storage data over the best-fit WAN service, whether it is ATM, Gigabit Ethernet or OC-x.
com backs the TransPort GX and GX+ with its award-winning package of service and support for mobile products including three-day Depot Repair, Advanced Portable Exchange, and Subscription Computing.
The couple first donated an Agusta-109, commonly used for corporate transport.
During the third quarter of 2012, passengers transported by railway and bus transport were 124 949.
Its advanced TDM technology enables the wire-speed aggregation and transport of multiple high-speed data channels using standard 2.
In Q2, 2012, urban electric transport companies operating trams, trolleybuses, and subway, serviced a total of 69.
The primary conclusion is that SONET-based transport methods are developing together with alternative ways to transport Ethernet signals.
Transported passengers by the bus transport increased by 1 455.
The charter of OFA has been expanded from its InfiniBand roots to be transport independent, which means formal support for iWARP in the OFA software stack.
The CM-104 is a compact fully-redundant and modular Packet Transport Switch (PTS).
Once again this year the remarkable success of the world's leading fair for transport technology was echoed by Bombardier.
It explores the usefulness of MPLS OAM and MPLS FRR in next generation packet transport networks.
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