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transmute something (from something) (to something)

 and transmute something (from something) (into something)
to change something from one thing into another. Do you believe that it is possible to transmute gold into lead? No, you cannot transmute one metal into another.
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FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST for the PlayStation 2 expands the anime series' sweeping storyline and is accompanied by fast-paced gameplay in which players can transmute objects into weapons for use in battle.
The electrification project would transmute the system from a diesel-locomotive-based service to an electrified system equipped with high-performance multiple-unit electric trains that operate off overhead catenary as part of the Caltrain Modernization Program.
The deal comprises of Almirall Sofotec would also transmute to AstraZeneca.
Their experiments follow those of many men, trying to transmute base metal into gold, for instance.
The princes, guided by experts like himself, should transmute themselves into agents of economic change through the development of new technology, founding of new industries, and opening of new markets.
That would allow overseas shipping transmute to rail and be taken to just south of the port of entry and, potentially, on to the Union Pacific hub.
Kent, who danced Desdemona to Roberts's Othello, testifies to his remarkable ability to transmute a choreographer's intention.
The seed cores are then sent to a nuclear reactor to transmute the Xenon-124 into Iodine-125, which is embedded beneath the surface of the core.
The Hercules joint venture between Kier and Balfour Beatty is main contractor on the Au121m project to transmute the former RAF airbase at Lyneham into a new Defence College of Technical Training.
Like The Card Game, whose raw spades and diamonds skid comically across a baize green ground, this work suggests the ambitions of, say, Howard Hodgkin--to recall in tranquillity a past social event and transmute it into paint--downgraded by several stations and fed through a wringer.
This project is to transmute a run-down area along the Sava river at the heart of the Balkan city of two million people.
In other works, albums transmute into vanity corners or odd little shrines that escape modish fey hippiedom by channeling something ancient (think Tupy) while using the magic of today's materials and by paying heed to the particular form of "softened" Minimalism.
Despite his protestations that he is but the council's humble instrument, Deaton has time and again demonstrated his grasp of the big picture and Nhis ability to transmute his opinions into council action.
Iberia s technical management team is now projecting to transmute a further three into multi-role tanker transports (MRTT).
She further continues that Sudan is seriously looking to transmute all scientific ideas to patents and products to arrive at knowledge and creative economy based on research.