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transliterate something (from something) (to something)

 and transliterate something (from something) (into something)
to decode something from one set of symbols to another. Donald transliterated the tale from Cyrillic script into Roman letters and still couldn't read it aloud. Can you transliterate this from the original Bengali script into the Roman alphabet? I will transliterate this into Cyrillic.
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The Septuagint renders it as [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], whereas Symmachus translates it as [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and Aquila simply transliterates the Hebrew phrase in Greek [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
com, Knight said that he and his colleagues trained software to, "learn when to transliterate," on a bitext of 7 million sentences and Google's English terabyte n-grams.
In his chapter "Proustiennes," he transliterates the tonalities of a Wagnerian leitmotiv -- "Longues phrases qui se deploient par vagues successives et se retirent" -- concluding with, "comment ne pas voir dans le systeme wagnerien une image non seulement du style de Proust mais de son projet lui-meme.
Though there are many Roman to Arabic transliteration sites on the net, Yoolki is the only one which transliterates in real-time without the often irritating pause after typing.
Bullard provides a mostly readable translation that remains close to the original yet divides up long sentences into more digestible units, transliterates letters where necessary, and corrects minor errors.
50: Sharlach here transliterates the geographical name en-[DU.
334) the author transliterates the same sign in the same text as kus.
110: The author transliterates MVN 9, 161: pisan-dub-ba [gurum.
Sharlach is inconsistent when she transliterates, and nowhere is that as clear as when she transliterates numerical notations.
For the other passage, ESAG i-sa-ru-ur (the author transliterates i-qar-ru-ur, apparently intending gar as the reading for the NIG sign rather than sa), "the granary will.
Maidman transliterates, translates, and comments on six tablets from the Chicago collection, JEN 775-80, the copies of which are in SCCNH 3 = JEN 7.