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translate something (from something) (to something)

 and translate something (from something) (into something)
to decode something from something, such as a language, to another. Will you please translate this from Russian into English? I can translate it into Russian from any Romance language.
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Enhanced convenience by translating MicrosoftA Office documents: Word and PowerPoint documents can now be translated on the Scan Translation Service, in addition to PDF and DocuWorks documents.
The translated articles will be available on the PAHO journal site for a year, after which AJPH will publish a special online-only supplement pairing the translated articles with their English-version counterparts.
A total of 199 books were translated in 2007; 182 were translated in 2008; 140 were translated in 2009, while the number was 182 in 2010 and in 2011.
Another point that they raised was the difficulty in choosing which works to be translated because of factors such as abstract phrases, allegories and references to daily life in Korea.
In order for everyone to access information in their own language, we need to solve two problems: eliminate the middlemen that add no value and help translators by providing suggestions so that they only have to translate information that has not already been translated by others.
But he also said that you'd be at risk if the author made a conscious decision not to have the work translated.
From Biography to History: Essays in the History of Portuguese Asia (1500-1800) Translated by Roopanjali Roy.
Nominees in the non-fiction category consisted of Stroke by Stroke by Henri Michaux, translated by Richard Sieburth; Camus at Combat by Albert Camus, translated by Arthur Goldhammer; Reading Writing by Julien Gracq, translated by Jeanine Herman; and A Season in Mecca by Abdellah Hammoudi, translated by Pascale Ghazaleh.
The 1991 proposed regulations generally measured currency gain or loss by the difference between the amount of the remittance from the QBU, translated into the taxpayer's functional currency at the spot rate on the date of remittance, and the portion of the basis pool attributable to the remittance.
These tales were first translated into French (1936) before the Spanish edition was even published (1940).
I intend here to speculate about the pendulum-like movement that may articulate the relationship between translation memories and machine translation which goes beyond a simple swap of capital initials--from MT to TM--although it may very well have to do with the swapping of full, translated sentences.
Now, a much smaller volume has appeared, again lovingly translated by McAndrew, with informative footnotes by Danish scholar Knud Arne Jurgensen.
While distributing marketing materials beyond a company's home borders can help build brand awareness and increase profits, having those materials translated into various languages can be frustrating.
However, because the books by Haitian authors were mostly written in French and not translated into English for some time, they were not widely accessible to the outside world.
The original Latin reads: Et cure spiritu tuo, which is now correctly translated.