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transgress against someone or something

to make an offense against someone or something. (Stilted and formal.) I did not mean to transgress against you. We did not transgress against the rules of the college.
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It should be pointed that any expenditure for meeting needs is necessary based on observing consumption principles and it is recommended to avoid transgress and consumption of unlawful products.
Altogether, this volume combines creative and critical thinking with alternative prose styles that transgress conventional academic disciplines and boundaries to provide fresh, insightful perspectives on the interactions between Australian Indigenous people and colonisers.
What Baudrillard has done is to square the process: transgress the transgression by transgressing the transgressor (Foucault).
Like any good police state, the UN will need a kangaroo court in which to try those "criminals" who oppose the UN world order or who transgress the web of international law created and administered by the world body.
Canon law is invoked, of course, when it comes time to deal with women who transgress the boundaries set by church discipline.
FIFA's bylaws forbid governmental interference in soccer affairs -- no law is above its own -- and those who transgress have hell to pay.
To violate or transgress them as do Wright's characters, uninvited by patriarchal, that is, by either white male privilege or white female authority, is a monstrous act precisely because it destabilizes the myth of a naturally hegemonic social order.
In Dressed to Rule, a book that would appeal to Machiavelli and Martha Stewart alike, Philip Mansel retells modern history with an emphasis on how political leaders have used dress to impress and transgress.
Presumably, the PM's Oath of Office does not give him any liberty to transgress the principles upon which the nation is founded, or to bring them into conflict with one another.
Did Rusedski rely on them to make sure he did not transgress, and if he did was he entitled so to do?
the fear of punishment should one transgress the accepted social order, which is essential in a civilised society.
transgress barriers established by the early modern ideology of the family: Roper representing her desire for her father; Pembroke, for her brother.
People who transgress gender and whose expression is not considered normal are the ones who are most often targeted for bias-motivated violence.
a special ad hominem venom on the Left, and an extreme willingness to attribute the very lowest motives to those who transgress its codes.
The Hebrew Commandments and the punishments for those who transgress them, were as follows: