transform to

transform someone or something (from someone or something) (in)to someone or something

to change someone or something from someone or something into someone or something else. Time had transformed gangly little Rachel into a lovely young woman. Manners transformed Tom from a pest into a prince.
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Solution: take Aboodh transform to this equation gives
watugala, simudu transform- anew integral transform to Solve differential equation and control engineering problems.
In addition, J&JPRD is funding TransForm to do further crystallization experiments on topiramate, and the Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation is making an equity investment in TransForm.
The findings will assist Roche in advancing the compound into clinical development, and entitle TransForm to a milestone payment under the collaboration.
This distinctive set of capabilities enables TransForm to rapidly find innovative approaches and solutions to challenging R&D pharmaceutics problems, such as compounds that resist crystallization, are highly polymorphic, or are poorly soluble in their original form.
As companies transform to remain competitive in the Digital Age, they will adopt a new business model, putting aside the one that has been in place since the Industrial Age began 200 years ago.