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transfer someone or something (from some place) (to some place)

to move or relocate someone or something from one place to another. Her company transferred her from Houston to Los Angeles. We transferred the boxes from one place to another.

transfer someone or something to someone

to reassign someone or something to someone. I transferred my secretary to Joel, who can get along with almost anyone. Ann transferred her car registration to her sister.
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transfer something (from someone) (to someone else)

to reassign something from one person to another. I have to transfer ownership of this car to my daughter. The title of the car was transferred from me to someone else.

transfer to something

to have oneself reassigned to something. I am transferring to the accounting department. Andy wanted to transfer to a different school.
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celestial transfer

n. death. (Hospital, cruel, jocular word play.) He’s circling the drain. Almost ready for a celestial transfer.
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93-91 and 93-92, takes the position that lack of transferability may still exist if:
Quantitative framework for enhancing transferability of crash modification factors or functions
The transferability of capacity is already allowed at the bulk grain ports operated by CBH in Western Australia and Viterra in South Australia.
The rationale for this exploratory classroom study was to find ways to encourage adult students to articulate and share their work and life experience and to explore the transferability of classroom learning to other social roles they assume in their communities.
Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene, said he heard from several rural constituents worried that the transferability language would lead to the development of mini-ranches next-door to their farmings.
AG/E also uses this analytical approach to calculate the discount for lack of free transferability when valuing unregistered privately placed shares of common stock.
For an entity to be classified as a partnership for federal income tax purposes, it must lack two of the four corporate characteristics: limited liability, centralized management, free transferability of interests, and continuity of life(8).
It is therefore essential to consider more than just transferability of skills.
First, since our servicemen and women have regularly requested the ability to transfer their GI bill benefits to their family members, legislation should include transferability.
To engage the students in group discussions and active learning to foster the transferability of the knowledge gained.
83-3(h), a restriction which, by its terms, will never lapse (nonlapse restriction) is a permanent limit on the transferability of property that will (1) require the transferee to sell (or offer to sell) the property at a price determined under a formula and (2) continue to apply and be enforced against the transferee or any subsequent holder (other than the transferor).
According to the survey, 65 percent of homeowners said that the warranty is a "consideration" when selecting shingles and 43 percent of homeowners said they are interested in a significantly better warranty, whether in terms of the non-prorated periods, problem resolution or transferability.
All four corporate characteristics - limited liability, continuity of life, free transferability of interest and centralization of management - are integral to the operation and management of a large, public corporation, and it's unlikely that large corporations would sacrifice any two traits to obtain the tax benefits to be derived from an LLC.
Accordingly, LLCs must avoid continuity of life and free transferability of interests to achieve partnership status.
77-214 was not revoked in its entirety, some remnants of its holding on the free transferability of interests and the application of the economic interests test remain.