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But he is already engaged to trampy rich girl Jessica King (Katie Holmes).
The two hit it off, but Oz's trampy, gold-digging French-Canadian wife (Roseanna Arquette) wants him to shop Jimmy and claim a reward.
The 22-year-old actress was snapped mooching around a chilly Notting Hill in this trampy 80s throwback ensemble set off with a pair of oh-so-swish Ugg boots.
So Gillian runs away from home and becomes a trampy vamp with an impressive collection of tattoos.
All I did was ask the wife (her name's Liz - it's short for Lizard) if she would dress up as a trampy Las Vegas showgirl for me like Liz Hurley.
Six short months ago Kristina Rihanoff was bleating in a national newspaper that allegations of being a trampy home-wrecker had left her suicidal.
Crisps - canny bags of Tudor , or if you were trampy, Chipmunk
From Martin's upscale mother and perfect sister, to Antoine's loudmouthed mother and wise grandmother, to their friends: trampy Casey, brassy drunken Maria, bemused James, and snarky Andrew, all have secrets they must face.
thatblokeinpr: My pal never wears a helmet while skiing - - hope Schumacher's terrible accident makes him reconsider #playsafe Jay Darwin: Birmingham is starting to look better, now let's focus on the trampy citizens.