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trample someone or something down

to crush down someone or something with the feet. Stay out of crowds at rock concerts. Those kids will trample you down if they get excited. The cows trampled down the stalks of corn.
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trample someone or something to something

to stomp or crush someone or something underfoot to the point of death or destruction. The elephant trampled the photographer to death. All the joggers trampled the grass to a muddy mess.
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trample something out

to create a pathway by marching or stamping the same trail over and over. The mail carriers have trampled a path out through my marigolds! Jim trampled out a path in my garden.
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trample (up)on someone or something

to crush someone or something underfoot. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Please don't trample upon the flowers! The bulls running through the streets trampled on some of the bystanders.
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trample on

1. To tread heavily or destructively on something: The children trampled on the flowers.
2. To inflict injury on something as if by treading heavily: Why do you trample on the feelings of those around you?
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Trampler dismisses criticism of De La Hoya's resume as unfair.
Bruce Trampler, promoter Bob Arum's matchmaker, said this could be De La Hoya's most difficult fight to date.
Trampler said the fighter and his many advisers gathered for a meeting recently to make a blueprint for 1998, spending hours on the subject.
at whose lordly command, the (four) quarters are distressed and cities convulsed, strong male who treads upon the necks of his foe, who breaks up the forces of the proud, trampler of all his enemies .
Top Rank Vice- President and matchmaker Bruce Trampler has chosen a formidable opponent in Gabriel Rivera from Harlingen, Texas, who has a 10 fight record of seven wins (4KOs) and three losses.
Twogood, a factory worker, admitted importing nine obscene videos, whose titles included Clogs and Frogs, Crushfest, Street Crush and Toad Trampler from the United States.
The Iraqis, unwittingly or not, continue to draw on them in their own glorification's of the Trampler of Kuwait in 1990 and today in their exaltation of his defying America.
Until you wake up and demand that your leaders choose a different path, a path toward a life as equals and neighbors instead of trampler - on and trampled-on, you and your warrior sons and daughters will continue to see us - all of us, living and dead - in your nightmares, where we will continue to demand peace with justice.
The subject of Amos's fourth vision warns would-be or current tramplers to leave the poor and needy alone.