trample down

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trample someone or something down

to crush down someone or something with the feet. Stay out of crowds at rock concerts. Those kids will trample you down if they get excited. The cows trampled down the stalks of corn.
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This is To Trample Down an Arable Land, 2009, by Russian artist Victor Alimpiev, which was recently exhibited at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, UK, as well as in this year's Moscow Biennial, but was conceived in this "split" format specifically for its presentation in Verona.
Ikon Gallery, Oozells Square, Brindleyplace, Birmingham: To Trample Down An Arable Land - films and videos by Russian artist Victor Alimpiev.
They also trample down the bracken, providing food and habitat for song birds.
Trample down the ground to keep the roots in place.
Simply trample down any weeds to level the area then lay cardboard over them, making sure that the edges of each sheet overlap so all light is excluded.
Alan hopes the programme will encourage youngsters to do more than just trample down the flowerbeds in the garden and help their parents a bit more now that summer is here.
And though Elliott knows he could now be a marked man, the 'Young Elephants' will have their work cut out to trample down his enthusiasm when the sides face each other in match two tomorrow evening.
However, resident and environmentalist Paul Nicholson had concerns that public users would trample down plants along the edge of the water and pack down the earth, which he's seen happen in other areas.
Above all, was it necessary to trample down and manipulate the emerging nations of the Third World in maintaining that balance?
Daesh" can mean "to trample down and crush" or "a bigot who imposes his view on others," making the term a highly offensive one to the group, the(https://www.
4 Painting in spite of everything I Thomas Bayrle--no friend of the proliferation of pointless German painting--recently explained to me his take on a group of painters who take failure as their starting point: "They didn't trample down this broad path of painting right away; instead, these were people who were really already very close to failure, and suddenly they can nonetheless paint.
Cattle, he says, increase the insect population at the first level of the wildlife food chain and trample down the bracken, providing food and habitat for the song birds.