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saddle tramp

1. A cowboy, particularly one who lives a nomadic lifestyle. Primarily heard in US. You can't trust him—he's just a saddle tramp who roams from town to town!
2. One who rides on horseback. Primarily heard in US. A: "I hear hoofbeats." B: "Yes, there's a saddle tramp approaching in the distance."
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tramp across something

to march or stamp across an area. The kids tramped across the yard and wore a path. Please don't tramp across my garden.
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tramp through something

to march or stamp a passage through something. The kids tramped through every puddle in town on their way to school. Don't tramp through every mud puddle you see.
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For an introductory course in process engineering for example, a design environment was developed in which students have to design chains of unit operations and where they have to adjust parameters for each operation (Van der Schaaf, Vermue, Tramper & Hartog, in press).
His former Regiment and the Royal British Legion gave him the cross-country Beamer Tramper scooter for Christmas in 2009.
Somsen D, Capelle A and J Tramper Production yield analysis in the poultry processing industry.
I have chosen to concentrate attention in this way because the culture of 'Literary Revivalism' had a very direct impact on the shaping of Joyce's career, and because this chapter, with its extremely prominent references to 'the tramper Synge', 'the Yeats touch', and the 'old hake Gregory', has shaped the way many critics and readers think about revivalism?
The day before Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand visited, the two nurses had treated a young American tramper who, following a second bee sting in three days and a near-drowning experience, had an anaphylactic reaction in the clinic.
The shrinking strength of the country's shipping fleets was caused by the tendency to use tramper ships.
Two Tramper all-electric vehicles will also be available to carry those who have difficulty walking for a distance of 35 miles over rough terrain and beaches and up steep slopes.
Contract Awarded for implementing the customs software solution, MIC TRAMPER
One of Gray's encounters with the trampers, however, proved a different point entirely, namely that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover.
Use in small composting toilets in holiday homes to large composting toilets in mountain chalets for trampers and mountaineers.