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The CAT concept has given the department a reliable, flexible, and effective method to mobilize trained personnel in a timely fashion.
the Brownfields Minority Worker Training Program--awardees trained nearly 2,000 workers in 15 brownfields commtmities, in the process positively changing the lives of the trainees and their families in many different ways; and
The RFA explicitly seeks institutions that will promote interaction among trainees from different fields, especially those trained in basic science and clinical medicine.
The applicant institution must have adequate numbers of highly trained faculty researchers in the biomedical, behavioral, social, and/or computational sciences.
Since its inception, HDTC has trained over seventy SOF A-teams which translates to nearly 850 students.
8) To help overcome these obstacles and to help lead the discussion and involve participants, trained facilitators must be present at each site.
The ongoing feedback of a computer has trained staff in dramatically reducing episodes of urinary incontinence
Over 90,000 drivers have been trained on FAAC's installed base of 185 driving simulators.
Law enforcement officers and judicial personnel from a wide range of countries in South America, Asia, and Europe have been trained at the Academy.
A range of nurse assistant training programs are available, from comprehensive national training courses taught by trained nurses to interactive videos, video-and-print packages, individually-designed core curricula, and state-developed programs.
More than 80,000 drivers have been trained on FAAC's installed base of 173 driving simulators.