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be on the gravy train

To be in a state, position, or job where one makes an excessive amount of money without expending much or any effort. I'll be on the gravy train once I get paid from the settlement of the lawsuit! My brother has been on the gravy train ever since he married his wife, whose family owns one of the largest oil companies in the world.
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on the gravy train

In a state, position, or job where one makes an excessive amount of money without expending much or any effort. I'll be on the gravy train once I get paid from the settlement of the lawsuit! My brother ended up on the gravy train when he married his wife, whose family owns one of the largest oil companies in the world.
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pull a train

vulgar slang Of a woman, to have sex with two or more men sequentially or at the same time. Things were starting to get weird with my boyfriend already, but when he said he wanted me to pull a train with him and some of his friends, I knew the relationship was over.
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train wreck

1. A major or total failure, disaster, or catastrophe. This project has become an absolute train wreck. We've wasted so much time and money already, I don't know how we'll make up the losses. Despite a stellar cast, the film turned out to be a real train wreck.
2. A person whose life is a complete mess or is in total disarray. I don't know about my relationship with Kevin. He's a bit of a train wreck, between you and me.
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train of thought

One's uninterrupted progression of thinking. When the phone rang, it derailed my train of thought—I totally forget what I was talking about! Please don't interrupt my train of thought when I'm writing.
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set in train

To start (a sequence of events); to set in motion. Making this announcement will set in train a series of actions that we will not be able to stop, so please consider it carefully.
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the gravy train

A state, position, or job where one makes an excessive amount of money without expending much or any effort. I'll be on the gravy train once I get paid from the settlement of the lawsuit! My brother ended up on the gravy train when he married his wife, whose family owns one of the largest oil companies in the world.
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lose one's train of thought

Fig. to forget what one was talking or thinking about. Excuse me, I lost my train of thought. What was I talking about? Your question made the speaker lose her train of thought.
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ride the gravy train

Fig. to live in ease or luxury. 1/7 had a million dollars, I sure could ride the gravy train. I wouldn't like loafing if I were rich. I don't want to ride the gravy train.
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someone's train of thought

Fig. someone's pattern of thinking or sequence of ideas; what one was just thinking about. (See also .) My train of thought is probably not as clear as it should be. I cannot seem to follow your train of thought on this matter. Will you explain it a little more carefully, please?
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train for something

to practice or drill for some task. I am training for the marathon. We all have to train for the upcoming football season.
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train one's sights on something

 and have one's sights trained on something
Fig. to have something as a goal; to direct something or oneself toward a goal. (Alludes to someone using the sights of a gun to aim it. Note plural use of sights.) You should train your sights on getting a promotion in the next year. Lisa has her sights trained on a new car.
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train someone in something

to drill and practice someone in a particular skill or body of knowledge. Her mentor trained her in the art of argumentation. I will try to train you in the skills needed to perform this task.
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train someone on something

to educate someone in the use of something. We trained him on the high diving board, but he isn't ready for competition yet. She trained herself on the computer so she could write a book.
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train (someone or an animal) as something

to educate someone or an animal to serve in a particular way. We trained him as a first-rate mechanic. I trained my cocker spaniel as a moderately effective watchdog.
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train (someone or an animal) for something

to educate someone or an animal for some purpose. His parents trained him for work in the family business. He was trained for factory work.
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train something on (someone, something, or an animal)

to aim something at someone, something, or an animal. Dave trained the spotlight on Fred, who was just coming out of the building. Train your lens on that bush. There is a deer back there.
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train up to something

to practice or drill up to a certain level of proficiency. I don't have enough stamina for the marathon now, but I am training up to it. Alice trained up to the long-distance swim for years.
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gravy train, ride the

Experience excessive ease, success, or profit, especially undeservedly. For example, Now that his brother is paying all his bills, Jim is riding the gravy train. The word gravy has long meant "easy profits," and the term is believed to come from 19th-century railroad slang, although the earliest recorded use dates from the early 1900s. W.C. Handy used it in one of his famous blues songs written in 1914, in which he bemoans falling off the gravy train. Also see easy street.
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train of thought

A succession of connected ideas, a path of reasoning, as in You've interrupted my train of thought; now what was I saying? This idiom, which uses train in the sense of "an orderly sequence," was first recorded in 1651, in philosopher Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan.
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a gravy train

COMMON If you describe something as a gravy train, you mean it is an easy way of earning a lot of money over a long period. Software companies realise that the gravy train can't go on for much longer as the recession causes prices to fall. The boardroom gravy train continued to roll happily along yesterday, with news of pay-offs to three executives totalling nearly 1.4 million pounds. Note: You usually use this expression in a disapproving way. Note: In the United States, `gravy' was slang for money or profit. Railway workers invented this expression in the early 1920s to describe a regular journey which provided good pay for little work.
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board (or climb on) the gravy train

obtain access to an easy source of financial gain. informal
Gravy is an informal term for ‘money easily acquired’.
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in train

(of arrangements) in progress; being proceeded with.
2005 Architectural Review ‘China's New Dawn: an Architectural Transformation’ is a mainly pictorial survey of some 50 projects, recently completed or in train.
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the ˈgravy train

(informal, especially American English) (of a particular job or situation) an easy way of getting a lot of money and other benefits: Financial services produce very high earnings, and a lot of people are trying to get onto the gravy train.
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bring something in its ˈtrain

(written) have something as a result: Unemployment brings great difficulties in its train.
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in somebody’s ˈtrain

(written) following behind somebody: In the train of the rich and famous came the journalists.
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in ˈtrain

(formal) being prepared; happening: The plans for the Queen’s birthday celebrations are all in train.Changes to the law have been set in train.
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a train of ˈthought

the connected series of thoughts that are in your head at a particular time: The phone ringing interrupted my train of thought.
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train on

To focus or aim something at some goal, mark, or target; direct something at someone or something: The guards trained their rifles on us as we approached the gate.
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gravy train

n. a job that brings in a steady supply of easy money or gravy. This kind of job is a real gravy train.
See also: gravy, train
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The CAT concept has given the department a reliable, flexible, and effective method to mobilize trained personnel in a timely fashion.
the evening NAs were brought to the nursing units and trained in prompted voiding by the day NAs.
Although they may be exposed to hazards during an emergency response, these workers remain at the scene only a short time to perform immediate emergency support work that cannot be performed by trained emergency response personnel.
No matter how much money is spent on HIV medication assistance in these beleaguered countries, there are simply not enough trained clinicians to deliver the therapy.
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During the month-long event last summer, pilots from 11 countries trained in a NATO team environment using Cubic's "rangeless" Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) system.
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By utilizing the Internet as an avenue for engineers to be trained on advanced programmable logic device (PLD) technology, such as the APEX(TM) 20KE PLD architecture and Quartus(TM) development software, Altera provides flexible and available engineering training programs to the design engineering community.
New Horizons, the world's largest independent computer training provider, has already trained more than 9,000 students in courses leading to CIW certification in the past six months.
According to Eyal Schneid, European Business Partner Manager at John Bryce Training: "In Israel, our company has trained over 100,000 IT professionals, and we have achieved over a 75 percent placement rate.
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We really see the value of being able to send our employees to either classroom training or a web-based class where they can be trained on our premises," said Wayne Seward, Web Administrator at Alaska Airlines.