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Based on a modular architecture, this is a twin-axis launcher, trainable in elevation and azimuth, which has been acquired so far by the French Navy for new Horizon type destroyers and Fremm multirole frigates (also delivered to Morocco).
Also be sure to highlight awards, recognitions and any continuing education that can illustrate how trainable you are.
Tapon observes, "With the trainable technology, Eyebot can truly learn whatever you want.
We designed the new Ultra-Lock 8-pole connector to give our customers the versatility of up to 8 connection points for devices such as encoders, resolvers, trainable sensors and instrumentation," said Product Manager, John Sullivan.
Mexico has a highly trainable workforce that must be mobilized through training, mechanization and, ultimately, compensation.
These include low cost premises, a sufficiently skilled or trainable workforce and the availability of components and systems such as forgings, castings, electrical components and fuel and ignition systems.
Rose-covered arbors are a classic, but branch out and consider these other easily trainable climbers, recommended by experts at Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge:
Miller's SIFT algorithm was the first trainable relation-extraction technique to achieve top performance in the U.
Produced and conducted by David Scott Peters of Phoenix-based Smile Button Enterprises, the workshop focuses on Peters' trademark SMART Systems -- Simple, Measurable, Applicable, Repeatable and Trainable.
A key brain-building nutrient for both humans and animals, Docosahexaenoic Acid, commonly referred to as DHA, has been found to promote smarter, more trainable puppies when fed to both pregnant and nursing mother dogs and their puppies.
To qualify for any therapy pet program, dogs generally must be in excellent health, unfazed by the hustle and bustle of hospitals, friendly to strangers and trainable in a hospital atmosphere.
NASDAQ:ALOT) announced today it has received a research grant of $799,000 from the National Institutes of Health for the purpose of developing software for a Trainable Early Warning System for Epileptic Seizures.