train of thought

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train of thought

One's uninterrupted progression of thinking. When the phone rang, it derailed my train of thought—I totally forget what I was talking about! Please don't interrupt my train of thought when I'm writing.
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someone's train of thought

Fig. someone's pattern of thinking or sequence of ideas; what one was just thinking about. (See also .) My train of thought is probably not as clear as it should be. I cannot seem to follow your train of thought on this matter. Will you explain it a little more carefully, please?
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train of thought

A succession of connected ideas, a path of reasoning, as in You've interrupted my train of thought; now what was I saying? This idiom, which uses train in the sense of "an orderly sequence," was first recorded in 1651, in philosopher Thomas Hobbes's Leviathan.
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a train of ˈthought

the connected series of thoughts that are in your head at a particular time: The phone ringing interrupted my train of thought.
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I think that the fact that you felt obliged to answer the call, thereby forcing your train of thought to make an unnecessary stop, completely confirms that you felt that the call required immediate attention.
The dialogue is simplified and only includes the deeper discussions regarding one train of thought.
Following out Brown's train of thought through the works of his legion students (Traylor and Winston included), it is today possible - as many in the academy are doing - to imagine African American literature at the very heart of American literature, to conceptualize a healthy cultural open-heartedness (call it "multiculturalism," "pluralism," or what you will), and to understand in a concrete way the constructedness of the world of discourse.
Jon Holme, the original Friar Laurence, offers a depiction so unaffected and nuanced, you feel you're seeing into the character's mind, following his train of thought.
Olaf: Not to interrupt your train of thought, but I've recently been hearing about an alternative approach to online data bases.
the water industry thought that "the solution to pollution was dilution and that train of thought was found to be not a very wise one.
Given an occasional "uh huh" or nod to let the talker know you are following his or her train of thought.
First, the user's train of thought is not interrupted as he or she switches from one program to another.
IDM have pioneered Train of Thought and Link Node Analysis techniques for the best part of two decades, focusing on retail loss prevention for the past 15 years.
Their acknowledgement confirms a growing train of thought that they were the brokers Bates has been dealing with all summer.
Weld stormed into the winners' book at Ballybrit when his Train of Thought, ridden by Ruby Walsh, galloped to victory in the first race of the day.
Weld's runner this year, Train Of Thought, is also a newcomer to the smaller obstacles.
Understanding the Eastern European hacks train of thought was always going to be a problem, somuch so that the Scot even resorted to Spanish, responding, 'Si
The author focuses on origins, beliefs and practices, and seeks to convey a sense that each of the NRMs contains a definite train of thought and internal coherence.
That's not even in my train of thought right now,'' Scioscia said of the Dodgers' managerial opening.