train for

train (someone or an animal) for something

to educate someone or an animal for some purpose. His parents trained him for work in the family business. He was trained for factory work.
See also: train

train for something

to practice or drill for some task. I am training for the marathon. We all have to train for the upcoming football season.
See also: train
References in classic literature ?
While grandmother was trying to make me comfortable, grandfather went to the depot and learned that Wick Cutter had come home on the night express from the east, and had left again on the six o'clock train for Denver that morning.
She had no choice but to go on to Kansas City and take the first fast train for home.
On Jerry's return to the rank there was a good deal of laughing and chaffing at him for driving hard to the train for an extra fare, as they said, all against his principles, and they wanted to know how much he had pocketed.
It would mean encouraging iron supplementation, creating a training camp atmosphere to start the season, and to always train for a model race situation.
Police officers and administrators must train for and adopt these values to ensure the success of any community-policing effort.
Abra Train for Windows allows human resource and training managers to track employee training requirements and training history; create and manage courses, classes, training programs and certifications; and measure organizational development initiatives.
The introduction of Abra Train for Windows is a valuable addition to our Abra Human Resource Information System (HRIS) package," said David Lindheimer, Abra product manager.
Abra Train for Windows helps HR managers track demand for particular training courses, schedule classes, manage class rosters, produce scheduling correspondence and evaluate the training's effectiveness.
With Abra Train for Windows, managers can track and analyze training costs to determine if they are spending appropriately and realizing the proper return on their investment.
Abra Train for Windows can also provide compliance documentation regarding the training programs a company has designed to achieve targeted quality levels to meet certification standards such as QS 9000 and ISO 9000.
For companies who need to identify required training and track completed courses for legal, regulatory or quality certification purposes, Abra Train for Windows is a very effective and affordable tool.
Abra Train for Windows offers a comprehensive training management solution for any mid-sized organization.
Generally available during the second quarter of 1997, Abra Train for Windows will be sold directly by the company and through a network of authorized resellers.