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My first knowledge that I was on the wrong trail came when I heard the yells of the pursuing savages suddenly grow fainter and fainter far off to my left.
I drew rein on a little level promontory overlooking the trail below and to my left, and saw the party of pursuing savages disappearing around the point of a neighboring peak.
As he examined the newer spoor a tiny particle of earth toppled from the outer edge of one of the footprints to the bottom of its shallow depression--ah, the trail was very fresh, his prey must have but scarcely passed.
Tarzan swung himself to the trees once more, and with swift noiselessness sped along high above the trail.
Teeka's familiar scent spoor told both Tarzan and Taug that they were upon her trail, and soon the scent of Toog became as familiar as the other.
Now he fairly flew along the jungle trail, or, where Toog had taken to the trees, followed nimbly as a squirrel along the bending, undulating pathway of the foliage branches, swinging from tree to tree as Toog had swung before them; but more rapidly because they were not handicapped by a burden such as Toog's.
Pursuing the direction given by this discovery, he entered the neighboring thicket, and struck the trail, as fresh and obvious as it had been before they reached the spring.
From a short distance up the trail came the unmistakable noises of the greedy feeding of a lion.
The dogs gave up, the sled was righted, and five minutes later they were flying along the hard-packed trail again.
He had covered a mile perhaps when his quick ears caught the sound of rapid movement along the game trail ahead of him.
But that for which they look is not there, and we take the back trail to Circle City.
The panther had been casting in every direction to see how Big Foot's trail led away from behind the rock.
Dave refused to run quietly on the trail behind the sled, where the going was easy, but continued to flounder alongside in the soft snow, where the going was most difficult, till exhausted.
Returning to the house they noted the appearance of the snow on both sides of the trail its entire length.
A sentinel was immediately detached, to post himself at a little distance on their trail, and give the alarm, should he see or hear an enemy.