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SEC Chairman John Shad later told a House committee that the market wasn't hurt by those trades because it bounced back after a one-day loss.
In these cases, the logically and empirically demonstrated benefits of free trade are sacrificed to the political power of special interests.
One final caveat from Jones: trade only when you have a clear head.
Program trades are usually undertaken blind; that is, the broker does not know the exact composition of the portfolio and must use his judgement in deciding whether or not a particular portfolio should be acquired.
Once a potential trade is identified, our proprietary DecisionBar Risk Oscillators helps you define risk and decide whether or not to take the trade.
Lowered risk exposure - The service provides a more consistent and auditable process for reconciling trades that dramatically improves the current process of verbal confirms or text/emailed messages.
The Shell Trading network of companies trade, in aggregate, the equivalent of around fourteen million barrels per day in crude oil, refined products, natural gas, electricity, chemicals and environmental products.
In addition, customers can trade through Scottrade's streaming quotes platform, Scottrader, or through ScottradeELITE, an advanced trading platform built for active traders.
Simulating past trading and finding enhancements to improve upon our performance is helping us time our trades more effectively, lower impact costs and slippage.
The firm has also created within FlexTRADER customized, synthetic benchmarks for agency and principal trades to measure broker performance.
Reuters Trading for Fixed Income was rolled out in three months from announcement to seize the market opportunity and follows a successful testing phase, which saw over 1,350 trades go through the system on a range of fixed income instruments and trading methods.
Our buy-side clients want commissions reduced; they also seek greater control over their trades," said Pulse Trading Executive Vice President, James Willsey.
NEW YORK -- The Fixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC) has reported enormous success with its new Real-Time Trade Matching (RTTM) service to support real-time price reporting and trade matching of municipal bond trades, to over 96%, bringing price transparency to the municipal bond market.