trade with

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trade something with someone

to exchange something with someone. Would you trade seats with me? I want to sit there. Can I trade books with you? This one is dull.
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trade with someone or something

to do business with someone or something. I don't like the owner of that shop. I won't trade with him anymore. Thank you for trading with us all these years. We don't trade with that company because their prices are too high.
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A lot of members want a more pro-active [Bush] Administration on trade with China," said Rep.
Sudan has also reestablished trade with Saudi Arabia after a couple of years of drastic decline.
Some of the increase in trade with Mexico and Canada apparently has been redirected from elsewhere.
Members of First Equity Trade will now be able to trade with businesses from 88 online exchanges representing about 18,000 companies, with over a billion dollars in product and service offers listed on Bentley Commerce's global online trade marketplace (www.
The Davidge acquisition will provide GL TRADE with a state-of-the-art order routing system covering all US equities and options markets, as well as middle office tools for reporting and compliance.
Now that we have built the largest Online Global Trade Marketplace with our VirtualBarter software, we are ready to begin teaching an expanding base of companies how easy it is to trade with one another over the Internet, even if they are members of different trade exchanges," continued Mr.
com) has rapidly become the Internet leader in barter and trade with practically unlimited future growth potential in an enormous worldwide market," according to Bruce Kamm, its CEO.
They will be able to post transactions, view real time online statements, view detailed transaction history, search local and global member directories, and manage their inventory offered for trade with a fully integrated item and inventory control management system.
Teaming with optionsXpress provides our subscribers the opportunity to trade with an award-winning broker focused on options trading," said Chuck Thompson, president of eSignal.
This can limit the use of a system as most firms have obligations to trade with numerous brokers.
In addition to increased trade with the Pacific Rim, Mayor Hahn said he is looking to strengthen relationships and increase the city's trading presence with Mexico, Canada and Europe.
Capturing all elements of a trade with precision, Blackbird also allows clients to achieve straight-through-processing.
com will launch a commission-free online trading system on Wednesday, July 26, offering real-time pricing and the ability to trade with some of the largest energy companies in the world.
This open wireless platform also enables brokerages to offer investors the ability to trade with them on virtually any type of handheld wireless device and wireless data network.
The Internet offers investors more anonymity, security and information access than ever before, enabling them to trade with increased speed and precision.