trade for

trade someone or something for someone or something

to exchange someone or something for someone or something. I will trade you our shortstop for your catcher and two additional promising ball players. I will tradeyou my office desk for a conference table.
See also: trade
References in classic literature ?
At the same time he should encourage his citizens to practise their callings peaceably, both in commerce and agriculture, and in every other following, so that the one should not be deterred from improving his possessions for fear lest they be taken away from him or another from opening up trade for fear of taxes; but the prince ought to offer rewards to whoever wishes to do these things and designs in any way to honour his city or state.
In the United States, Pat Buchanan's recent book ``The Great Betrayal'' manages to blame world trade for threatening the survival of the U.
This could eliminate the current constraints that have hindered the growth of global trade for 25 years.
Bentley will earn a percentage of the trade for providing the donation management system and facilitating the transaction.