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Here, in an immense wooden building, was the great council hall, as also the banqueting chamber, decorated with Indian arms and accoutrements, and the trophies of the fur trade.
Having thus given the reader some idea of the actual state of the fur trade in the interior of our vast continent, and made him acquainted with the wild chivalry of the mountains, we will no longer delay the introduction of Captain Bonneville and his band into this field of their enterprise, but launch them at once upon the perilous plains of the Far West.
As with almost every aspect of international relations, the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States changed the trade dynamic for a short time.
From Lincoln through Hoover, a high tariff on imported manufactured goods was the foundation of Republican trade policy.
Government intervention can take the form of tariffs and other taxes, trade sanctions, import quotas, regulations, or subsidies.
But as long as the trade-through rule exists, if you have a large institution wanting to sell 500,000 shares, and Mom & Pop want to trade a hundred shares for a penny better, the whole trade gets kicked over to the specialist.
economic and trade policy is calibrated to support these nascent developments by promoting economic reforms, and by fostering economic ties and trade linkages.
Another alternative: Permit firm personnel to trade clients' securities only when they're held indirectly through a mutual fund (the fund and manager should not be firm clients) or in a discretionary investment account, where someone unconnected to the firm (that is, free from access to its nonpublic information) independently decides what securities to buy or sell.
A securities dealer is a taxpayer that regularly purchases securities from (or sells securities to) customers in the ordinary course of a trade or business.
One final caveat from Jones: trade only when you have a clear head.
The ever-increasing value of proprietary economic information in the global marketplace and the corresponding spread of technology have combined to significantly increase both the opportunities and motives for conducting economic espionage and trade secret theft.
Businesses that choose to finance their purchases through trade credit have several options for payment: They may pay the supplier promptly and in so doing receive a cash discount; wait until the bill's due date and consequently pay the interest cost implicit in forgoing the cash discount, at a rate frequently higher than the rate on credit from institutional lenders; or pay late, after the bill's due date, and thereby risk incurring additional costs in the form of explicit interest charges or penalties, or both.
Beyond all this, it is debatable whether NAFTA will further free trade at all.
Could it be that A) Trade shows generate sales, B) Trade shows burnish the corporate image, C) Trade shows are cost-effective?