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The approval status of the non-publicly issued tradable shares
Jannick Malling, the CEO of tradable, said, "The retail derivative industry is currently changing by moving into this open-source era and initiatives like this are concrete examples of evolution.
Thanks to information technology (IT), services formerly in the nontradable part of the economy, from radiology to accounting, have become tradable.
But given adverse trends in the tradable sector and the non-tradable sector's exhaustion as a source of job creation, a more likely scenario is that unemployment remains stubbornly high, despite a return of normal growth.
As a result, such models tend to attribute differences in income among countries to different levels of productivity in the tradables sectors of respective countries.
The real time tradable index was launched in partnership with London-based FTSE Group.
In all, he stated, "Not a single one of these jobs produces a tradable good or service that can be exported or serve as an import substitute to help reduce the massive and growing U.
Vilagi studies how the models of the new open economy macroeconomics, which usually focus on the relationship between the nominal exchange rate and the external real exchange rate, can explain the coexistence of permanent dual inflation: diverging inflation rates for tradable and non-tradable goods and real appreciation in emerging market economies.
Those results have provoked interest in the use of tradable property rights known in fisheries as individual transferable quotas (IWQs)--to regulate marine resources.
A publicly traded partnership (PTP) is a partnership whose ownership interests are traded on an established securities market or are readily tradable on a secondary market (or the substantial equivalent thereof).
A more sensible approach is to divvy up the catch with tradable fishing rights, which promote conservation by tying it to the crabbers' self-interest.
Over the last two decades, tradable assets--and changes in their value--have moved to center stage in the performance of the major economies.
The program is a residential version of the federally-sponsored Cap and Trade Emissions Reduction programs for industry, which grant tradable emission credits to companies that keep their pollutant levels below the maximum levels (or cap) allowed by the U .
The latter measures--such as increased use of solar and other renewable energy sources, expanded low-cost public transit, tradable emissions permits, and a phasing out of subsidies that foster fossil-fuel use--could all be justified even in the absence of climate change, he maintains.
If a seller receives evidence of indebtedness that is payable on demand or readily tradable, the debt instrument is treated as payment (Section 453(f)(4)).