trace around

trace around something

to press something against paper and draw a line around the edges that are in contact with the paper. Trace around this piece of material and cut out a new pattern. If you trace around the edges carefully, you will end up with a good drawing of the outline.
See also: around, trace
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Later the Romans came and departed, leaving little trace around the Mersey.
2 To replace the googly eyes' white irises with brown ones, first trace around the eyes on to the brown foam sheet and cut out the circles.
Trace around a small plate in the middle of the square.
It may be recalled that a Pakistani fishing vessel had on the New Year's Eve sunk without a trace around 365 km off the same Porbander coast in mysterious circumstances after being intercepted by the Coast Guard on high seas.
Use pencil to trace around bottom of wine bottles on one side of wood crate, spacing evenly.
For an even circle, use a pencil to trace around a 12-in, plate onto parchment.
Kennedy Gardens also has barrier controlled residential parking with electric car charging points, new street lighting and an impressive new sculpture, after customers were asked to trace around their fingers to make a "Tree of Hands".
There were also displays by Rich Goodwin Airshow, motorbike demonstrations, Mad Science, Noisy Toys and a pantograph - a machine to trace around your child and make a drawing to keep.
The Russian version of the missile shield can trace around 100 flying targets simultaneously and destroy a part of them, while the Iranian version is said to be enjoying a higher targeting capability among its other optimized features.
In a second class period, model for students how to trace around the original lines with black paint, fill in the head and body, and add antennae.
This removed the need to trace around every part of the imported image to create the vector artwork.
The device is essentially a clever combination of shapes that teachers might want to use in maths classes when exploring topics associated with the area of Space; students simply trace around the inside of the desired shape to produce a copy.
Dazzling Dusters You will need: * Work or rubber or old garden gloves * Paper * Scissors * Felt * Glue * Plastic beads * Wooden dowel * Batting or newspaper * Ribbon Method: Set each work glove on a piece of paper and trace around the four fingers and palm but not the thumb.
A hunt is now under way to trace around 450 former miners who once worked at the North Warwickshire pit, which closed in 1987 after over 100 years.
Trace around the hand onto 10 mm grid paper, and then count the squares to find the area.