towel down

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towel someone or something down

to rub someone or something dry with a towel. The mother toweled her child down and dressed her in clean clothes. She toweled down the child gently. Towel down the dog. He's wet and shaking.
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Towel down her body with a fluffy warm towel, gently massaging her feet and toes.
Fastballs of important dialogue are hurled at the audience while nude dudes splash around, scratch themselves, and towel down.
The Brits tend to get up at 5am, put their towel down, go back to bed, get up, have breakfast, pop to the local market on the bus, haggle for 40 minutes to buy a three euro bracelet and then come back to the hotel.
James Oxley caused damage estimated at pounds 25,000 damage by throwing a lit towel down the stairs, believing people "out to get him" were in the house.
Aston Villa old boy Ray Houghton, a keen golfer, and here doing on-course summarising for local station RTE, was trudging his wet way down the side of the fairway when he was shocked to hear a familiar Geordie voice shout out from behind, "Hello young man, do you want to pop inside for a bite to eat and a bit of towel down.
So, Taylor volunteered to take the camera and towel down to the bottom to record the proceedings.
At most ends you could have put a towel down over all the bowls delivered, but Alex deserved to win.
All they want in return is an opportunity to towel down the Kittens when they come off stage.
I put a towel down and it's a bit out of shape, so I tell myself, `Don't worry about it.
Probably picked it up just after he'd put his towel down on the sun lounger for his summer hols.
It's built in Spain but being German it's slapped its towel down on the beach.
you shiver to all, as you change and towel down Conversation is difficult, as your teeth continue to chatter A thermos flask is shared around - with laughs, and jokes and natter A 'first timer' looks somewhat relieved - he's been in and he's survived He sips hot coffee from a plastic cup, his limbs thaw and revive A hale and hearty fellow then, eager to prolong the fun Goes to his bag, and offers to all, a tiny tot of rum We say our goodbyes, and with a slap on the back, disperse to various places Until next year, for another splash, with familiar friends and faces .
The aspiring and perspiring boy needs to towel down after almost every point he plays.
Would it be out of order to suggest he puts a large towel down in the goalmouth?