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with an eye towards

Focused on a particular thing that could happen in the future. With an eye towards fund-raising, I made sure to talk to all the trustees I could at the event. We moved back in with my parents, with an eye towards saving up for a house.
See also: eye, towards

progress toward (something)

To be in the process of reaching a particular destination, outcome, or goal. (Usually used in the continuous tense.) With the game progressing toward its conclusion, it seems like the reigning champions will walk away with another victory. The committee is progressing toward the end of its investigation.
See also: progress, toward

be (well) on the/your way to/towards something

be about to achieve something in the near future (usually something good): We’re on the way towards an election victory.He’s well on the way to establishing himself among the top ten players in the world.
See also: on, something, towards, way

go a long/some way towards doing something

help very much/a little in achieving something: The new law goes a long way towards solving the problem.
See also: long, something, towards, way
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