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He said: "When I'm in a tough spot I think of my brother.
Draw on your past: Remember a time when you have got yourself out of a tough spot in the past.
Sources told that some senior PTI leaders told Imran Khan that Reham during her visits to various places and attending ceremonies has to face tough questions of media regarding party matters, which often puts her in tough spot.
We want to string a series of results together and the fact that Wakefield are in a tough spot right now is neither here nor there.
People say (Drake) put us in a tough spot by having such a good year, and making us make a decision on him.
Zimbabwe's former World Cup captain Alistair Campbell acknowledges the team is in a tough spot going into Sunday's match in Brisbane but still has not given up hope.
While addressing a press conference on Monday, Khan pointed out that Pakistan was in a tough spot before the quarterfinals in the 1992 world cup which they went on to win.
Kundra's alleged confession now puts the BCCI in a tough spot, while the very future of IPL 7 looks jeopardised.
We know we are in a bit of a tough spot, that the pressure is on for us," said Fussell.
4 per cent, it confirmed the economy is in a tough spot.
Nokia is currently in a tough spot because sales of its existing Symbian-based smartphones have dropped faster than expected, and large volumes of Windows Phone-based devices aren't scheduled to arrive until next year.
It's a tough spot to be in becasue we very much value the continuity of care for our members and we want them to be able to visit PeaceHealth, but it's at a time our members are saying, 'gosh, healthcare is getting expensive," Johnson said.
Multiple data formats, evolving legislative requirements and a fragmented supplier base can leave CFOs in a tough spot, struggling to find efficient solutions for transacting globally.
Environmentalists are in a particularly tough spot, writes author Christine MacDonald in this issue's cover story.