toss around

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toss around

1. To hurl, fling, or cast someone or something from place to place or back and forth. A name, noun, or pronoun can be used between "toss" and "around." We went outside to toss a football around. The huge waves tossed us around while we were out on the open sea.
2. To discuss something, especially in an informal, hypothetical, or noncommittal fashion. A noun or pronoun can be used between "toss" and "around." We tossed around a few plans for how we could reinvigorate interest in our product. Let's toss the idea around at our next meeting.
3. To move around restlessly from one position to another. That fever kept me tossing around in bed all night. The child wouldn't sit still, tossing around in his seat from the boredom.
See also: around, toss

toss someone or something around

to throw someone or something around. The waves tossed him around and almost dashed him on the rocks. The waves tossed around all the little boats.
See also: around, toss

toss something around

Fig. to discuss something. I have a few things to discuss. Can we meet later and toss them around? We tossed around a few ideas after dinner.
See also: around, toss

toss around

or toss about
1. To throw something back and forth casually: We went to the park and tossed around a football. Bring the baseball to the park so we can toss it around.
2. To change one's position restlessly while lying in bed: The patient tossed about in her sleep. I tossed around all night and didn't get any sleep.
3. To discuss something informally; bandy something about: We've been tossing around the idea of moving to a warmer climate. They tossed the proposal about at the meeting, but no one was interested.
4. To move about restlessly; twist and turn: The ship tossed about in the high seas.
5. To throw, fling, or heave someone or something continuously about; pitch someone or something to and fro: The violent storm tossed the ship about. The luggage got tossed around in the trunk of the car.
See also: around, toss
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In the event, Al-Nahar published the names of the officers involved, which added to the FPM dilemma given that the party could not possibly toss them around in the cabinet bazaar and further sully standings of rejected candidates.
It's much easier to pitch ideas and toss them around when you speak regularly with people who could be potential partners.
The best thing to do is to go to the stores and check out the computers, see how they look and feel and toss them around to see if they break (well, not literally, but your parents should make sure that they are purchasing a solid machine--inside and out).
Reinforced with activities and checklists, the book requires readers to take the ideas and facts, toss them around, and come to their own conclusions.
Push your labels well into the ground - the magpies pull them up and toss them around for devilment
Horses seem to enjoy pushing the colorful, nearly indestructible balls around their pens, and killer whales toss them around at SeaWorld.
Then warm the frying pan over a medium heat, add the crushed spices (the pods as well as the seeds of the cardamom), turn the heat up high and toss them around in the heat to dry roast them and draw out the flavour - this will take about one minute.
It's not just there to look cute and entertain you, they do get allergies and do break down, and this should not be an excuse to toss them around or expect others to deal with them instead.