toss out

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toss out somebody/something

also toss somebody/something out
to get rid of someone or something She tossed out my old chair. Mrs. Curtis tossed him out of class for laughing.
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toss out something

also toss something out
1. to refuse to accept or consider something The judge tossed out the case two weeks ago. We received thousands of proposals for the memorial, but tossed most of them out because they were dull or inappropriate.
2. to suggest something as a possibility We tossed out half a dozen titles and then discussed what we thought about each one. Now that you've had a chance to look at the memo, I'll toss an idea out to start the discussion.
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toss out

1. To reject or discard something: The court tossed out the case when the prosecution failed to produce any evidence. We've tossed our old methods out and adopted a more modern approach.
2. To get rid of something as useless: We should toss out some of these old newspapers. I tossed the milk out because it was starting to turn sour.
3. To offer something casually, as a suggestion or plan: I tossed out a couple of ideas in the meeting, but nobody seemed to like them. We tossed the proposal out to see if there was any support among the committee.
4. To force someone to leave a place or position, especially in an abrupt or unexpected manner; expel someone: The official tossed the player out of the game for fighting. The club's bouncer tossed out the drunken sailors.
5. Baseball To start a game by throwing some pitch: The mayor tossed out the first pitch of the season. The pitcher tossed the ball out to start the game.
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