toss at

toss something at someone or something

to throw something at someone or something. Jimmy tossed an apple at Sarah to see what she would do. John tossed a stone at the wall.
See also: toss
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In brief, if you toss a pizza dough one toss at a time - that is, if you toss then catch - your hands should move in a helical fashion, like they are moving along a spiral, a curved line laid along a cylinder," Associate Professor Friend said.
But when Vaughan goes out for the toss at 8am tomorrow, the Daily Mirror would like to wish him happy landings.
25 coin toss at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion to settle a dispute over rights to the service.
The coin did what it did,'' said Trinity program coordinator John Casoria, at whose feet the coin rolled after the toss at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.