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carry the torch for (someone)

To be in love with someone, especially secretly and/or unrequitedly. I've carried the torch for her since high school, but I've never been able to tell her how I feel. Susan carried the torch for him for years after they broke up.
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hand on the torch

To give something to someone else, often one's position and/or responsibilities. Because Gina is retiring, she is handing on the torch to me, and I'll take over her job as supervisor. My grandmother is unable to stand long enough to cook such a large meal, so we're making Thanksgiving dinner this year—she has handed on the torch to us.
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carry a torch (for someone)

 and carry the torch (for someone)
Fig. to be in love with someone who is not in love with you; to brood over a hopeless love affair. John is carrying a torch for Jane. Is John still carrying a torch after all this time?
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carry the torch

1. Fig. to lead or participate in a (figurative) crusade. The battle was over, but John continued to carry the torch. If Jane hadn't carried the torch, no one would have followed, and the whole thing would have failed.
2. Go to carry a torch (for someone).
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pass the torch (to somebody)

to give responsibility to someone The president of the company announced his retirement, saying it was time to pass the torch to someone younger.
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carry a torch for somebody

to secretly love someone who does not love you Graeme's been carrying a torch for Linda for years.
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carry a torch for

Also, carry the torch for. Continue to feel the pain of unreciprocated love for, as in Jane has been carrying the torch for Bill for at least a year. The torch in this term alludes to the heat of love or passion. [1920s]
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pass the torch

Also, hand on the torch. Relinquish responsibilities, a tradition, practice, or knowledge to another. For example, When the company's founder became too ill to continue, he passed the torch to his nephew . This metaphoric expression alludes to the ancient Greek torch race, in which a lighted torch was passed from one runner to the next. A translation from both Greek and Latin, the English version dates from the late 1800s.
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pass the torch

To relinquish (responsibilities, for example) to another or others.
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carry a torch

To have longstanding feelings of love that are not requited: still carrying the torch for a man she knew in her twenties.
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put to the torch

To destroy by fire; burn down.
See also: put, torch

carry a torch

To love someone, often secretly, who doesn't reciprocate the feeling. The torch of the phrase could mean the flame of love or a handheld flame that lights the way to spy on the object of your affection, who is probably with his or her current flame.
See also: carry, torch
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