top of the line

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(the) top of the line

the very best of something The four acts for the opening of the jazz festival were all top of the line.
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The PowerBook 180c brings active matrix color to the top of the line while the PowerBook 145B lowers the entry-level price by 25 per cent.
We offer consumers a variety of performance levels from our affordable F500 series up to the top of the line UltraVision(TM) series, but all Hitachi TVs have one unifying trait -- unsurpassed picture quality.
For lovers of this gentle breed, however, all Labs are top of the line.
From complex satellite gateways and networks, to the top of the line SATCOM products and systems, Satellite Networks is the proven most reliable and cost-effective choice in the marketplace.
Quote: ``I purchased the stock because they are one of the top of the line drug testing companies.
Effective immediately, the suggested retail price for the top of the line PDS-4222 has been reduced from $13,999 to $9,999, while the PDS-4214's suggested retail price has been reduced from $9,999 to $7,999.